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    Steady-state and transient processes

    Laminar flows

    Turbulence models
        - LES
        - k-epsilon STD
        - k-epsilon RNG
        - k-epsilon Chen-Kim
        - low RE number k-epsilon

    Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

    Compressible and incompressible flows

    Subsonic through supersonic flows

    Heat transfer
        - Conduction
        - Natural, forced, and mixed convection
        - Radiation

    Chemical reaction models
        - Frozen chemistry
        - Equilibrium chemistry
        - Instantaneous reactions
        - Finite rate (forward/backward reactions)

    Chemical vapor deposition
        - Gas phase reactions
        - Surface reactions
        - Rotating surfaces

    Lagrangian multi-phase flows
        - Momentum and thermal coupling with fluid
        - Evaporation
        - Wall reflectivity/adhesion
        - Particle collision
        - Particle breakup model

    Free surface flows

    Fluid Structure Interaction and Moving Bodies
        - Points, edges, surfaces, vol
        - Translation, rotation, linking
        - Domain interpolation

    Fluids and solids library

    Switch-on physical model

        - Filters, screen, solids
        - Porous media
        - Walls (solid, porous, fixed temperatures, heat,  flux, moving)
        - Symmetric boundaries
        - Cyclic boundaries in any coordinate direction
        - Swirl flow (axisymmetric flow)
        - General source (or sink) boundary (mass, momentum, energy, etc)

    CFD2000 - Easy To Use

        Menu-driven input
        User customizable
        Point-and-click BCs
        Geometry display tools
        Flow-field initialization tools
        Real-time convergence
        Error diagnostics
        Example library
        Prompt line help
        Versatile output control

    CFD2000 - Geometry and Mesh

        CAD data import
        Primitive object library
        Grid-Independent geometry
        Geometry creation and modification tools
        Copy, scale, translate, and rotate geometry
        Individual edge control for node distribution
        Automatic grid generation/opt
        Grid sequencing
        Surface of revolution
        Transfinite interpolation

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