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Adaptive Research, a division of Simunet Corporation, has over 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of advanced CFD software, as well as delivering expert scientific and engineering services to commercial and governmental clients. From the beginning, Adaptive Research has been recognized as a pioneer in the application of numerical analysis to problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reactions.

In 1992, Adaptive Research released CFD2000, an advanced 3-D graphical user interface for the specification of CFD model geometries, boundary conditions, fluid properties, solution control parameters and automated grid generation. In 1993, Adaptive Research released STORM, a finite-volume flow solver employing all new technology and programming techniques. STORM replaced and surpassed the antiquated solvers of the past and provided a unique open-architecture for customized CFD modeling. In 1996, Adaptive Research released a totally integrated version of its CFD software suite consisting of CFD2000, STORM and advanced visualization. Development of the integrated CFD software suite has continued to add advanced multi-physics capabilities such as: finite-rate chemistry, multi-components flows, free surface, radiation, moving body treatment, fluid-structure interaction and CAD data import.

In 1999, Adaptive Research became an operating division of Simunet Corporation, and continues to provide expert engineering services in a wide variety of complex industrial, environmental and biomedical applications. To learn more about the engineering services or CFD software products offered by Adaptive Research, please email and/or fill out the information request form.

Adaptive Research, CFD2000 and STORM are all registered trademarks of Simunet Corporation.



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