LNG Pool Spread Simulations

  Urban Dispersion  

Validation study to compare simulation results to a large scale experiment conducted to examine transient LNG pool spreading behavior on water. 

Case study for dispersion of an airborne toxin in an urban environment, determining time-integrated “dosage” associated with the toxic release.

Mine Tunnel Flow Analysis

  Weapon Blast Study with Chemistry  

Flow and pressure drop analysis of a medium-scale mine tunnel system, with large porous media area defined in center of tunnel system.

Secondary flash phenomena studied for various weapons systems, determining shock heating, air entrainment, and chemical combustion.

Water Drop Impact Study

  Channel Flow Analysis  

Transient simulation of a 3D 2mm water droplet, to determine impact characteristics due to speed and droplet size.

Transient free-surface simulation of fluid flow through multiple pipe outlets to a horizontal channel at a slight incline.
Evaporation Study   Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage  

Free-surface simulations with evaporation, determining the impact on various water puddle size due to wind direction and speed.

Study determining detailed temperature distributions on storage canister, heat shields, concrete walls, and comparing to experimental data.
Vehicle Re-Entry Analysis   Liquid Jet for Optics Polishing  

Simulation of multi-stage vehicle re-entry, analyzing varying angles of attack (AOA) and determining pressure/viscous forces at different stages.

Simulations conducted to determine localized shear stress and “work rate” for optics polishing of various geometrical configurations.
Nozzle Design Analysis   Airdam Optimization  

Liquid metal jet simulation determining heat transfer characteristics through jet due to flow rate and surface heat patch flux level.

Optimization study of various truck airdam shapes, determining external pressure/viscous forces at several vehicle speeds.
Oval Heat Exchanger   Unsteady 3D Heart Valve Simulation  

Heat transfer analysis of a complex heat exchange system consisting of a central heating duct, and multiple cooling tubes.

Transient simulations of a 3D mechanical mitral heart valve using Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) methodology, determining flow structure inaccessible to experiments.
Catheter Implant Analysis   Cardioplegia Device  
FSI simulation of a catheter placed in the central venous system, determining pressure characteristics and viscous forces acting on the device. Simulations conducted to optimize a blood cardioplegia device, predicting heat transfer and flow characteristics prior to prototype fabrication.
Blood Pump Simulation   Intravenous Device  

Simulation of a diaphragm type blood pump, determining flow patterns and local shear stress within the pump chamber.

Various transient simulations of a 3D intravenous delivery device for simultaneous blood draw and medicine introduction.
Cartridge Flow Device   Smoke Box  

Development of several cartridge flow device designs, determining the optimal configuration to eliminate flow stagnation areas.

Parametric study of a smoke sensor device located in a “smoke box” used for experimental testing,  varying air flow speeds.
Pipe Flow   Flow Meter  

Simulation/analysis of branching pipe flow with a rotating valve structure located at the  center of the piping configuration.

Steady-state simulation of a bladed flow meter device located in a circular tube, determining boundary layer characteristics.
Odor Dispersion   Air Jet Study  

Analyzing odor dispersion in urban microenvironments with complex urban geometries on the scale of a few city blocks.

Simulation of a high speed air jet (200 mps) into a liquid material, determining shear stress characteristics on various shaped surfaces.
Incubator Study   Tube Heat Exchange  

Turbulent flow analysis through an incubator that contains oval shaped windows, varying flow speeds and incubator closed/open door conditions.

Heat transfer analysis of miniature tubes with various dimpled configurations.  Analysis includes multi-phase flow.