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Did you know that Adaptive Research conducts verification and validation (V&V) studies for research organizations (including universities)?  V&V studies ensure that the CFD2000 software performs its intended function for specific fluid/heat flow applications, and typically focuses on validating specific experimental data. 

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Airflow and microclimate patterns in a one-hectare Canary type greenhouse: an experimental and CFD assisted study

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2009, vol.149

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Magnetorheological (MR) Jet Finishing Technology

William I. Kordonshi, et al, QED Technologies, Inc.

 The interferometrically derived distribution of material removal for an axisymmetric MR Jet, which impinges normal to a plane glass surface, coincides well with the radial distribution of rate of work calculated using computational fl uid dynamics (CFD) modeling. Polishing results support the assertion that the MR Jet fi nishing process may produce high precision surfaces on glasses and single crystals. The technology is most attractive for the finishing of complex shapes like freeform optics, steep concaves and cavities."

Steady-State Flow

Accelerating SS flow modeling using mesh sequencing


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