Q2 2015

Object Modeling - Compound Boundary Condition Elements


CFD2000 5.7.5 (a pre-annual release) provides the ability to generate compound BC “objects” that can be used in subsequently developed CFD models.  This functionality greatly reduces the required CFD model generation effort for complex applications (consisting of repetitive geometric/physical features).  In addition, object variants can be easily generated and incorporated into a CFD model application.  Refer to the BC Object Modeling Guideline.

BC Object Modeling Guideline


Example CFD Object Modeling Applications

CFD2000 Information


STORM Benchmark Report Convective CHT


Wave Impact Modeling


Microfluidics Modeling


Environmental Modeling


CFD2000 LT

Electronics Heat Transfer Simulations

Heat sink model with intricate components consisting of PCB, copper, aluminum, Alloy 42, Silicon, plastic seals.

Object Definition - Heat Sink

CFD Model - Computer Board

Simulation Result

  Computer Server Heat Load Simulations

Computer rack model with power source placed as an object in  computer server room.

Object Definition - Computer Rack

CFD Model - Server Room

Simulation Result

  Rooms with Multiple Objects

  Class room air flow simulation with repetitive objects consisting of chairs and tables.

Object Definition - Chairs and Tables

CFD Model - Classroom

Simulation Result

 Plant Growth Facilities

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Green house model simulating air flow and plant heat sources.

Object Definition - Plant Growth Station

CFD Model - Greenhouse

Simulation Result

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